Pumpables Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump

Product Info

There’s a reason everyone’s loving the Genie Advanced. Designed by people who’ve spent hours ‘at the pump’ and know what works, Genie Advanced just FEELS great with a gentle, powerful pumping style that most people respond well to.

Comes with Liquid Kits

Pumpables liquid kits are super comfy! This flange system comes with silicone inserts in a size 25mm which conform to your breast and provide both suction and compression while you’re pumping, similar to what baby would be doing while directly nursing at breast.

You can swap out your inserts if you find the 25mm inserts are not your size. (sold separately)

Because yes, you need to move

Pumpables goal with Genie Advanced was to make a pump that was as portable as possible, work with as many shields as possible, and STILL rival much bigger pumps for performance.

Genie Advanced has a belt clip, a lanyard, 4 hours pumping time on its built in battery, rechargeable via USB-C charging (yes, use your phone charger) and weighs just 220g.

What’s Included
  • 2 – Liquid Inserts with Integrated Valves
  • 2 – Breast Shields
  • 2 – Diaphragms
  • 4 – Liquid Tubing
  • 2 – 120ml Collection Bottles
  • 2 – Liquid Seal Caps
  • 2 – Liquid Shield Covers
  • 2 – Bottle Lids
  • 2 – Bottle Stands
  • 2 – Neck adapters (Wide to Narrow)
  • 1 – USB-C Charger