Limerick Joy Executive Breast Pump

Product Info

Besides being the first and only breast pump to mimic your baby’s nursing pattern through the natural rhythms of compression and vacuum, our latest addition, Joy, comes with all sorts of helpful features, like on-screen prompts for support and encouragement; a Favorites setting; and a super-intuitive, clear-as-day digital display.

What’s Included
  • Joy pump
  • Power supply
  • Two bottle holders
  • Two BPA-free bottles
  • Two silicone breast cups
  • Four silicone gaskets
  • 1-micron filter with DEHP-free tubing
  • Extra 1-micron filter
  • Tube clamp
  • Cleaning brush
  • Mesh storage bag
  • Portable cooler with ice packs
  • Two extra BPA-free Bottles
  • Executive tote bag
  • Universal car adapter
  • Hands-free straps
  • Soft lap towel