BabyBuddha 2.0 Breast Pump

The BabyBuddha 2.0 Breast Pump gives you the freedom to move!  Our hands-free pump provides the ultimate flexibility for a hassle-free pumping experience, so you can pump how, when and where you want.  Small enough to take anywhere and constructed with an impressively quiet mechanism, our breast pump keeps the whole process discreet.

BabyBuddha 2.0 is equipped with a fully rechargeable battery and more settings than ever before, so you can choose your comfort zone.  With 6 levels of Soft Stimulation Mode, 6 levels of Classic Stimulation Mode, and 9 levels of Expression mode, it’s easy to find your ideal settings to ensure the most comfortable and efficient pumping experience.

Operating the BabyBuddha 2.0 is easy, making it one of the best portable breast pumps!  Simply recharge it and navigate through the 21 different settings with a simple swivel of the thumb to find the perfect one.  Our unique suction pattern in Classic Stimulation Mode mimics the suction pattern of a baby to help trigger a letdown and increase your breastmilk supply.

Ask your healthcare provider about BabyBuddha.  Give yourself the power to grow throughout your pumping journey!



The BabyBuddha 2.0 Breast Pump offers:

  • Portability
    • At only 6.8oz, the BabyBuddha 2.0 pump is smaller than many smartphones.
    • Our battery powered pump can be charged via any standard USB cable port and last up to 4 pumping sessions once fully charged.
    • Simply hang the compact pump around your neck using the included lanyard and gain the freedom to multi-task.
  • Strength
    • BabyBuddha 2.0 achieves consistent hospital grade strength, ranging from 53-320 mmHg.
    • The pump’s increased range and advanced suction technology allows you to empty your breasts more quickly and efficiently during a pumping session than many other pumps.
  • Comfort
    • Choose your Comfort Zone! BabyBuddha 2.0 has 21 different settings that can easily be adjusted with the simple swivel of the trackball.  Enjoy 6 levels of new Soft Stimulation Mode, 6 levels of Classic Stimulation Mode, and 9 levels of Expression Mode.
    • The BabyBuddha 2.0 pump has extra-soft cushioning and an ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort while pumping.
    • The anti-backflow design eliminates the need to uncomfortably lean forward.
  • Adaptability
    • With more setting and strength options than ever before, BabyBuddha 2.0 is tailored to meet the pumping needs of all mothers.
    • The BabyBuddha 2.0 Breast Pump is fully customizable, so use any universally compatible component that works best for you. Component hacks are available on and help with this is available through our Customer Support team.
    • BabyBuddha’s In-Bra Wearable Express Cups + are available to use with the pump for the ultimate hands-free pumping experience.
    • *Purchase separately at BabyBuddha Accessories
  • Safety
    • The BabyBuddha 2.0 pump was crafted around safety. With a closed system that prevents breast milk from flowing back into the pump, milk is protected from contamination.
    • Our pump was designed with 100% BPA-free construction to eliminate exposure to harmful toxins.
    • BabyBuddha 2.0 is FDA Approved.
  • Support
    • BabyBuddha offers a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
    • The BabyBuddha Team can repair most damage at no cost (unless damaged is caused by milk in the pump).
    • Customer Service typically responds within 1 hour.
    • Our trained lactation consultants are on call and available for customers who need additional help.