Freemie Independence II Breast Pump

Meet the original game-changing wearable pump. Freemie Independence II Standard Breast Pump System is a powerful mobile breast pump with hands-free, concealable collection cups.

NEW! Simplified pump settings and specialized connector make pumping discreetly on the go easier than ever before! 

Step 1: Slip the ultra lightweight Freemie Cups into your bra
Step 2: Clip the mighty tiny pump to your hip
Step 3: Pump on demand, where and when you want

This complete system includes our hospital grade portable pump and a wearable set of Standard Freemie Cups with 25mm breast flanges.

Enjoy patented noise reduction technology and a feature-loaded pumping experience:

  • Hospital grade suction
  • Independent suction and cycle controls with Turbo® power
  • Memory settings
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Easy-to-see LED indicator lights