Freemie Independence Breast Pump

Product Info

Complete mobility. Proven Freemie Performance. Amazingly quiet, compact and lightweight. Unparalleled versatility and simplicity. No bags or apps to mess with. Slip the super light cups into your bra, wear the tiny pump on your hip – or leave it in your pocket, shoulder bag, on the desk, or wherever – turn it on, and get on with your day. Pumping doesn’t have to be so hard.

  • Discreet rechargeable battery powered mobile double electric breast pump 
  • Hospital power suction for single or double pumping
  • Includes new Freemie next generation closed system hands free cups with barrier inside 
  • Includes revolutionary noise reduction technology
  • Pump whenever and wherever you need to, for as long as you need to, with minimal impact on your time and on others


What’s Included
  • Two (2) Closed System Freemie Collection Cups
  • Pump Connection Kit
  • Removable Clothin Clip
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Compact Bag