Insurance Coverage

Milk Moms strongly recommends that each patient contacts their insurance to inquire about their coverage regarding a breast pump, as well as network status. Your insurance states that it is the member’s responsibility to know their benefits. We contact each patient’s insurance out of courtesy for our patients, but what we are told is not considered a guarantee of coverage and may be subject to change based on the particular plan. If we are misquoted, you may end up owing an additional amount for your pump.

Affordable Care Act

The ‘Affordable Care Act’ implemented September 2012 implemented mandates that most insurance plans must cover a breast pump for nursing moms. Milk Moms accepts most insurance plans that cover a breast pump and will take care of all the billing to your insurance for an easy and convenient process of obtaining your breast pump.

Upgraded Pumps

Milk Moms carries a wide variety of pump brands and models. Some models are considered upgraded pumps or packages and have an upgrade charge. This upgrade charge is patient’s responsibility and can be paid with any credit card, debit card, or HRA/HSA/FSA card.

Not Covered?

Milk Moms offers discounted prices for pumps in any instances where a patient may not be eligible for a pump or their insurance does not cover one. Please call or email Milk Moms for pricing and availability at 763-259-8824 or [email protected].